Greenline GL100



Compact complete system

The high-performance workstation is installed in a high-quality 19″ rack. The sound system, an efficient ventilation concept as well as the presentation mode (external HDMI connection) and the network capability make this system an absolute allrounder!

Intuitive operation

Inputs can be made both via the gun (laser) and via the mobile touchscreen monitor which is safely stowed in a pull-out drawer and is thus always with you, but never in the way.

Plug-in Laser

Special cartridges can be purchased for the use of your own weapons, which are available in different caliber sizes.

Plug & Play

The full HD projector and camera are already integrated in the workstation. Only a power connection is required and the system can be easily put into operation.

Mobile solution

The system can be used independent of location and can be set up in different places. The projection distance is 1.75m – 4.00m.


Real replica weapons including built-in laser and trigger are available as short or long rifle as well as shotgun.