Greenline GL100

Impressive graphics, varied flora & fauna, realistic behavior of living creatures, as well as different times of day and weather conditions. The realtime 3D development allows for endless exciting training scenarios.

Experience a hunting shooting cinema like never before!

Breathtaking. Interactive. Effective.


3D objects

Choose from a variety of diverse target representations such as animals, ring and wildlife targets or clay pigeons. All our targets are divided into intelligent hit zones, which are evaluated based on the point of impact.

To avoid monotony within the animal species, our animals are given different coat colors and patterns, divided into gender, and given cubs. The physical procedural animations also make each reaction unique.

Dynamic elements

For a quick and easy start, a particularly intuitive user interface has been developed that allows you to customize and diversify all modes and training scenarios.

The input is made via a mobile touchscreen monitor or by laser shot. This ensures a smooth workflow, as any changes can be implemented directly with the gun at the ready.


Thanks to the network capability of our system, system updates can be initialized quickly and easily.

The direct connection to the CENTAURUS online store also offers you the possibility to purchase a variety of additional content besides the basic version. This includes new animals, new terrain data or various other target displays and modes.

We are constantly working on new content and improvements, so that you will always find a cutting-edge softwarewith lots of interesting content in the years to come.

Times of Day

Morning stalk or evening stalk?

It is not always possible to choose the ideal hunting time. Our professional life and social environment have an additional influence.

But not with Greenline GL100!

Choose the right hunting time for you individuallyfor all scenarios or train at a hunting time at which you can otherwise never or only rarely hunt.

Running Boar

The “Running Boar” is one of the most well-known shooting exercises and is indispensable for the completion of a successful hunting license. The most important factors are the correct alignment of the body with the shooting zone, the aim and the correct target call.

Even after passing the exam, a responsible hunter must prepare properly for hunting again every year. This includes many dry runs and the subsequent visit to the shooting range for live fire training.

Our “Running Boar” mode prepares you ideally for the upcoming season. Shoot at the well-known shooting target of the DJV from different distances, determine the speed of the running boar as well as that of your projectile. Combine the monotonous dry practice with the shooting training at the shooting range and train all criteria for the running boar – whenever and wherever you want!