At a glance

Advantages of our shooting cinema

Impressive 3D scenes

Experience beautifully designed flora & fauna in realistic real-time 3D!

Great diversity of animals

Choose from a variety of animals with different fur patterns and colors.

Hunting conditions

Train at different times of the day and under certain weather conditions.

Artificial intelligence

No two hunts are the same thanks to integrated AI for an even more vivid hunting experience!

Integrated ballistics

Realistic projectile flight physics based on caliber, weapon and ammunition type.

Shot evaluation

Hit? We show you the exact trajectory, hit zones, etc. for each shot.

Target representations

You can expect an extensive selection of targets, such as rings or clay pigeons.

Sport shooting

Practice precision sports and learn disciplines like trap or skeet!

Online store

Thanks to numerous add-ons, you’re guaranteed to never run out of training options.